Why Us

Translation of legal texts constitutes a challenge as it is a particular translation category which demands legal terminology specialisation and precision. Any divergence from the original text can degrade considerably the content and the meaning of the text. For this reason, the translation of your legal documents is exclusively carried out by attorneys at law-translators specialised in legal terminology and legislation of each country and is certified by an attorney at law, having full force before any Judicial or other Authority (according to article 36 paragraph 2 b’ and c’ of the Code of Barristers L.4194/2013).
Indicatively, we undertake the official translation, review and authentication from Greek to English and French language and vice versa (Greek-English, English-Greek, Greek- French, French-Greek language pairs) of documents such as:

  •  Study certificates
  •  Certificates-Certifications
  • Official Government Gazette sheets
  • Lawsuits-Court documents
  • Contracts-Agreements-Conventions-Statutes
  • Corporate Documents
  • Tax Documents
  • Correspondence
  • Public, Civil, Penal, Commercial Law Documents:
    ◦ Family Law
    ◦ Succession Law
    ◦ Property Law
    ◦ Contractual Law
    ◦ Intellectual Property Law
    ◦ Tax Law
    ◦ Commercial & Corporate Law
    ◦ Bankruptcy Law
    ◦ International & European Law
    ◦ Naval LawIn this sensitive and unique domain of legal translations, we ensure absolute confidentiality in your legal, professional or personal issues and we guarantee the best quality in particular competitive prices (providing even discount prices in large-scale texts).

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